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How it all began ...

Billy, born in Athens and studied Art since a very early age. In 2007 he obtained a BA Honors of Arts in Industrial Product Design from Middlesex University of London.  
As a UX Architect he have deepen his research on Cognitive systems, especially on Virtual infrastructures (platforms), focused on fostering innovation collaboratively.

As a Cognitive Pioneer, Billy wishes to support people learn how to Discriminate and Synthesize useful Knowledge by acquiring wisdom collectively. That is his way of dealing with any kind of problem it may arise on his path.



Life-long studies in art and design, from childhood through his family’s design business to his undergraduate studies in Industrial Product Design (Bachelor of Arts | Middlesex University London), as well as his involvement through the years (10+) within companies from various fields, have helped him to continuously improve his skills. Billy have therefore developed the aptitude to bring non-design related decision management through a design thinking process.


By working in a jewelry design studio, he developed his skills in generating art for the people.


After this experience, his next goal was to become an Art Director, opportunity given to him by a non-profit digital magazine, where he expressed his own ideas and talents.


Also, Philosophy had always been a beloved hobby to him and therefore developed that skill through his own show on the radio. Most importantly, it is there that he was introduced to a new business model, where people under a common cause gather and produce authentic content of high quality voluntarily.


While feeling more creative and powerful, he gathered all his written thoughts from his blog and created two poetry books, which he also published at that time.


Later on, Billy’s expertise on how to manipulate and form matter in useful ways collided with his awareness regarding the fact that we are spiritual beings capable of more things than we can see and understand.


That is when he decided to raise his voice and create a Startup-Social Enterprise, dealing with finding solutions to social problems by creating reflections of higher intelligence. His business plan was selected for a Seed-Funding by the EU and Greece supporting Innovation, and so he began a new kind of research and development on the theory and practice of Entrepreneurship itself.


Focusing on the Science of Systems (Cybernetics), and other thought movements valuable to engineering systems of information, such as Complexity Science itself, made him capable to design Interactive systems aiming to help people research, learn and develop innovatively on a worldwide level through the right technology that we have today in our hands.


His study also expanded and deepened when he looked within ancient knowledge, from philosophy and the science hiding behind worldwide belief systems, he discovered really exciting and useful UX design frameworks, along with Recruitment methods which can help in talent acquisition, and even Time investment techniques.


Billy’s innovative practices led him towards a Collective approach of Artificial Intelligence and the creation of his own formulas to amplify Social Innovation. His next big development, PADMA, a Collective Awareness Platform for Sustainability and Social Innovation, acquired an award by NASA in 2016.

Biomimicry Institute of Research & Innovation – Greece, the organization promoting the design approach of emulating nature in order to accomplish innovation, played a big role in Billy’s development as it was his first fruitful business collaboration as an Entrepreneur.


Intelligence Circles, a game that he designed, gather people together in dynamic spaces, virtual or physical, and foster collaborative research and development by embracing life-long education practices (Self-education).


Billy’s plan is to educate people from a diverse knowledge background, help them express their creativity and guide them to find solutions to global problems collaboratively. By this, he aims to bring Bio/User-Centered Design as a way to innovate with Scientific Precision, to the leaders of tomorrow.

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